CyberNendo Labs Online

A gamified platform designed around a range of interactive challenges that simulate real-world scenarios and threats. The platform provides a comprehensive and effective way to improve skills in Cybersecurity, Data Protection, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Security Operations, Threat Hunting, Real-Time Threat Intelligence and Playbooks.

Enhance Your Skills by Learning On the Tools That Are Currently in Use.

Data Protection Labs Package
A Pathway to Data Protection

Validate Data Confidentiality

Validate Data Integrity

Validate Data Availability

Detect and Report Data Breaches

48 hours Level 1
Cybersecurity Labs Package
A Pathway to Cyber Defense

SOC Operations

Incident Response

Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting and Detection Techniques

48 hours Level 2
Forensic Analysis Labs Package
A Pathway to Forensic Investigation

Understand Forensics Fundamentals

Forensic Analysis Explained

Learn Industry-Used Tools

Forensic Reporting

48 hours Level 3

Labs for Any Role and Expertise

With practical learning.
Hands-On Labs

Engage in skill-enhancing challenges that replicate real-world scenarios and offer practical, hands-on experience to enhance your abilities.

Develop technical skills

Contribute to the establishment of a secure digital environment by identifying, detecting, responding to, and recovering from cyber-attacks.

problem-solving skills

Refine your analytical capabilities and engage with tech communities to enhance your teamwork and communication proficiencies.

CyberNendo Labs


You need to start by Registering and logging into CyberNendo and finding the lab.

Yes, the labs are free.

Begin by verifying that all modules have been completed. If there is a green symbol next to the module name, it has been completed.

Please contact us using our email info@cybernendo.com